Pfadfinder program 2020 results

In 2020, Alexander held 33 events for children. Participated from 3000 to 5000 children from poor families, children with disabilities, and adults.

The events were held in the courtyards of disadvantaged areas in different cities, small and abandoned distant villages.

There were Stations at the events:

- The climbing wall and the necessary equipment were purchased with donations. We attach it to poles and sturdy trees at event venues.

- Pottery. Children with disabilities make plates and mugs with their own hands. Children and their parents are happy with this opportunity.

- Microscope for studying the surrounding nature.There are 200 off-the-shelf microsamples from the environment. Children create their own too. It is very exciting to consider the microcosm of plants and insects.

- Archery shooting range.We are planning to buy several bows for left-handers and disabled children without a right hand.

- Crossing. How to cross a river in the forest. Help in extreme situations.

- Pathfinder Nodes. Children learn to blindly tie 12 knots.

- Station "birds" - the study of bird species in nature. We need an additional telescope.

- Station "tents". Children in nature learn to assemble and disassemble tents. All tents of different designs are needed.

- Campfires - a station teaching children safety techniques with a saw and fire. A relay race is held on sawing a tree and how to light a fire with a lens or fire.

- Station "first aid". There is a dummy for practicing "chest compressions". Parents and children want to know what they can do before medical assistance arrives.

- Wood burning station.

- Playing stations: "mini golf", "croquet", "volleyball", "bambiton", "colonialists", "checkers", "chess".

- Station "tourist on the water in a kayak". One kayak was bought this year. Three oars and 4 life jackets are needed. There are many more interesting ideas for the next year.