Mobile Pathfinder Program for children

Commonly this program runs for very poor children or for children with disabilities. 

Program work this way: we come to orphanages and make program for children OR we take part in national holidays/local holyday in towns/villages and also participate in program "healthy country"  

And we also conduct training for adult volunteers(who will later assist us with program)  from the SDA members when traveling to another town or village. I am glad that those people who have "no time because of work" come to study and participate as volontires; these people will never go to study to become volontires; but thanks to this program, the "mobile pathfinder center", these people, without interrupting their work, learn how to help children.

For example, in Belgorod-Dnestrovsk after our training program for volontires, came the 500 children and were ready to help 40 people.

It all started with the fact that major coordinator came and taught pottery for 40 children with disabilities. At the same time цу trainув leaders for working with children ... among the children there were children in a wheelchair.

It is happend that other people come up to us and asked to participate in that program as volontires - we also glad to such responsive people.

One of the basic needs of our program is the equipment, which is very expensive in our site. Thanks to donations, we can give children the joy that they say: "I have dreamed about this all my life!!!"

Every year we try to add 1-2 new points (this year it was kayaking) thanks for your donations.

May children's dreams come true :)

The goal of the program is: 

- conduct classes with children,

 - introduces safety precautions,

- conducts professional orientation (introduces what specialties there are),

- conducts short play lessons on a healthy lifestyle.

There are many stations, we organize during an event: 

1. Climbing wall 2 adult one teenager dressing systems (rescuers firefighters industrial climbers, tourists). Pottery-1-4 adults. 

2. Microscope 1-2 adults are invited with medical education to show the benefits or specialties related to microscopes (sanitary epidemiological stations, honey, biologist, food laboratories, forensic science, biology, doctor-for animals), we introduce you where microscopes are used

3. Archery shooting range 1-5 people adults responsible with brains

4. Crossing two 1-2 adults and teenagers - dressing systems

5. Cake decoration 1-2 people.

6. We teach knots to blindly tie 12 knots.

7. There is a station knowledge of birds, one person who knows birds of 25 local species and a telescope. 

8. Mini golf (movement coordination).

9. Relay races.


Each station needs one or two adults. 

And there are also more distant plans implying the presence of a bus that will allow transporting teams to such small villages and cities in which there will never be such programs. 

We were in such villages where there are only 2-5 streets with private houses and children there are not more than 40-100 children for the whole village, these children are not disabled, but they will never have such activities if there is no sponsor who will pay for the travel and consumables for the team. 

May childhood dreams come true :)